What are the Measures used for Controlling Air Pollution?

(b) Use of correct grade of raw material like low-sulphur oil and coal is recommended.

(ii) Cleaning of gaseous effluents’. These techniques control pollution by the removal of pollutants from the exhaust. These methods are used in combination with source correction methods.

(a) For gaseous pollutants:

The gaseous pollutants are removed by absorption in a liquid, or adsorption on a solid. Catalytic converters are also used as they convert gaseous air pollutants into harmless gases.

(b) For particulates:

Following techniques are generally used for control of particulate emissions:

I. Gravitational settling chambers,

II. Cyclone separators,

III. Fabric Filters,

IV. Electrostatic precipitators,

V. Wet scrubber etc.