What are the Effects of Housing on Environment?

ii. Poorly constructed houses lead to stress and children stay inside with increasing exposure to pollutants resulting is childhood asthma.

iii. Substandard housing contributes to asthma incidence.

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Housing and Environment:

The quality of environment is determined by following factors:

(i) Maintenance and arrangement of houses.

(ii) The presence, quality and accessibility of facilities.

(iii) Security.

(iv) Street cleanliness in the residential area etc.

Strategies for Improvement of Environment:

(i) Reduce the natural resource depletion regarding material use.

(ii) Reduce global warming via efficient energy and material use.

(iii) Reduce air, noise and water pollution by eco-designing of houses.

(iv) Reduce the environmental impact of housing through innovations in design, like green housing, zero emission housing, etc.


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