What are the Adverse Effects of Industry on our Environment?

(i) Industrial practices release enormous quantities of air and water pollutants.

(ii) They generate huge amounts of hazardous wastes.

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(iii) Industrial effluents have polluted many lakes, rivers, and coastal environments.

(iv) Industrial accidents, such as Bhopal gas tragedy, often have tragic environmental consequences.

Approaches for Minimizing Harmful Effects of Industry on Environment :

The approaches for minimizing adverse effects of industrial practices on environment are outlined below:

(i) Pollution prevention:

Try to create less of the pollutant or waste or eliminate it.

(ii) Recycling and reuse:

They not only reduce pollution, but they also conserve natural resources.

(iii) Treatment:

It is used to reduce the volume or toxicity of the waste.

(iv) Disposal:

Responsible disposal as per the law by both industries and municipalities should be done.


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