Two Types of Legislature – Unilateralism and Bicameralism – Notes

For Unicameralism:

A Single House:

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1. Permits quick action.

2. Avoids obstruction of the will of the people.

3. Permits clear responsibility of the cabinet in a parlia­mentary system of government.

4. Reduces duplication and confusion of responsibility relating to law-making

5. Avoids dead-lock or conflict in legislation.

6. is less expensive.

For Bicameralism:

Two Houses:

1. Provide a check on hasty and ill-considered legislation.

2. Avoid dictatorial functions of a single chamber.

3. Help public opinion form by interposing delay

4. Reflect the popular will at all times and also allows representation to different classes.

5. Make useful revision of legislation.

6. Help to divide the work- load.


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