Short Notes on The National Rural Employment Programme (NREP)

Based on this, priority will be accorded to works for the development of waste lands and marginal lands allotted under land reform measures, renovation of derelict tanks for large-scale development of fisheries with the target- group orientation, social forestry including fuel and energy plantations, fodder and pasture development and roadside plantations with maximum involvement of the target-groups in their management coupled with nursery development of target-group land-holders.

Development of composite homestead projects for the shelter less in the form of housing complexes-cum-production estates within a larger concept of habitat development, fieldworks in irrigation command areas and micro watersheds, roads according to well-defined techno- economic norms and within planned priorities such as those arising out of the MNP and need-based construction of buildings, which apart from schools, panchayat ghars etc. would provide vital economic infrastructures like buildings for godowns, banks and workshops for target-group beneficiaries.

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