346 Words Short Essay for kids on My Best Friend

We spend most of our time together playing or studying. As he is good in studies, he helps me whenever I have a problem or a difficulty in understanding the lessons. We share our joys and sorrows. He has a sweet temperament and a good sense of humour. His qualities have always tempted me to be like him.

We never quarrel with each other though we have some different likes and dislikes. Some boys of our colony try to create a misunderstanding between us by cashing upon our differences in thinking but we always understand their jealousy. He is good not only in studies but in extra-curricular activities as well.

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Due to his habits he is popular among his fellow students, Watchers and other friends. I am proud of our friendship. He is a source of my inspiration and strength. I wish it to be a long-lasting relation.


I'm Eddie!

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