342 Words Short Essay on AIDS – a deadly disease

A baby may be infected with AIDS if any of the parents has got the infection or is HIV positive. It should be confirmed from specialists if the new vaccine developed for the protection of babies against AIDS is effective. If found so, it should be administered to the baby under the guidance and supervision of the specialist concerned.

If a person has at all developed AIDS, we should not discard him like a hot potato. He should be shown due regard and affection and we should take measures that we can for his comfort and recovery, if possible. We should remember that certain acts such as shaking hands, kissing, using same towels, etc. does not spread AIDS.

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We should not fight shy of getting our blood tested for HIV. It is done at nominal rates and even free at certain places. In case of HIV positive, we should take the counsel, help and guidance of experts in the matter.


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