319 Words Free Sample Essay on Jogging Robos

According to the Sony executive Toshidata Doi, there are no plans to sell Qrio, which stands for “quest for curiosity.” The machine is a marvel of technological finesse and imaginative innovation.

The big technological breakthrough was brought about by getting both of the robot’s feet to lose contact with the ground at once.

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So far, humanoid or two legged robots developed anywhere needed to keep one foot on the floor to move stably. Such humanoids included Sony’s older Qrios and Honda’s Asimo.

Another addition to the latest version of the Qrio includes more advanced finger control that allows it, swiveling like a baseball pitcher, to throw a light ball some three or four meters and hold fans while dancing.

So far the jogging Qrio is a source of amusement rather than one doing chores. Now, the company is contemplating to bring more changes in its structure such as to make its leg movements like those of an athlete rather than those of a jogger.


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