290 Words Short Essay on Films and Fashion

Even hair styles are not left behind. Our stars are the trend setters, and all the fans are the followers. Like films, fashions have no set rules. Wear anything different to set spark a blaze and that’s fashion! The worlds of films and fashions are so interlinked that it is not possible to say that they do not influence each other. Fashions from the West are put forth in our Indian films and the attentive viewers create the wave.

Here fashions influenced the dress designer’s will to make his star wear a particular dress. Film makers need fashions up-to-date to give the audience a variety to select from and the fashion makers look forward to the films to give them new ideas.

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Thus, films and fashions are inter-dependent. It is maze that has neither the beginning nor an end. It has been so in the past and shall continue forever. If not films, then what more can create waves in the world of fashion?


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