264 Words Short Essay on Renewable Energy

Some of the important renewable energy sources can be listed in two main categories. The first system which may be called ‘Grid Connected System may involve wind power, small hydro power, Biomass/cogeneration power, urban and industrial waste power and solar photovoltaic power.

The second category system which may be captioned ‘Decentralized System’, may involve systems which come in close.’ touch of the common man such as biogas plants, night soil based biogas plants (Which may be community or institution-based improved chulhas, solar home lighting, solar street lighting, solar lanterns, SPV pumps, solar water heating, etc.

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The use of renewable energy has been started in various forms at several places (number of which may expand in the near future such as Sunderbans, Ladakh, Bastar, North East, Bangalore Tirupati, Tirumale Devasthanam, etc.


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